Whether you’re heading to work or looking for something comfortable and stylish for the weekend, look no further than our range of trousers and leggings for women. While chinos and suit trousers are perfect for the office, our denim leggings are very popular for off-duty style. Pair with a blouse and blazer for work, or with trainers for more of a relaxed look.

women pants (34)

Elegant sports pants 3354

97.93 NIS139.90 NIS

SPORT women pants C3314

97.30 NIS139.00 NIS

Elegant sports pants 3044

111.93 NIS159.90 NIS

sexso jeans7024-20

188.93 NIS269.90 NIS

sexso jeans 6194/972

181.30 NIS259.00 NIS

sexso jeans 6194/969

181.30 NIS259.00 NIS

sexso jeans 6194/980

181.30 NIS259.00 NIS

Women's tights 905060

31.50 NIS45.00 NIS

Elegant women pants C3276

104.30 NIS149.00 NIS

Pants for women 90144

26.90 NIS38.43 NIS

Long elegant pants 709

58.75 NIS83.93 NIS

Long elegant pants 40172

44.05 NIS62.93 NIS